Let's Talk Smack Sports Podcast

LTSSP 007 - A Story About A Guy Named Tyreek Hill + NFL Draft + NBA and NHL Playoffs + Pepe's Picks!

April 30, 2019 Tom Nolle & Justin Gagnon Season 1 Episode 7
Let's Talk Smack Sports Podcast
LTSSP 007 - A Story About A Guy Named Tyreek Hill + NFL Draft + NBA and NHL Playoffs + Pepe's Picks!
Show Notes

Tommy and Shwaggers dish about the latest released audio recording from one Chiefs player named Tyreek, smack-talk their way through the NHL and NBA playoffs, have loud opinions about the NFL draft, and have their first visit from Michael Pepe for his new segment, Pepe's Picks! Plus this episode contains your host's usual dynamic lightning round of fury (special shout out to Ash for our first submission), and you get an episode with all of the humor and several of the opinions, most of them dicey at best.

02:15 Tommy Says Sorry About The Angels

04:20 A little bit about Tyreek Hill’s audio recording

06:53 Adrian Peterson’s sordid history and please don’t hit your kids!!!

10:03 NFL Draft recap

10:35 Kyler Murray and the Cardinals plus Rosen to the Dolphins

11:18 The perils of being a mobile quarterback in the NFL

14:56 The NFL and the media always like to oversell the next generation of quarterbacks

17:16 Patriots drafting a QB in the 7th round

17:55 Tom Brady is not the future of the organization (realistically)

19:43 Bears draft vs Packers draft

22:44 Jay Cutler vs Aaron Rodgers in the sordid history of the Bears pre-Nagy

24:00 The Seahawks drafted 11 picks this year (!) - are they looking to win now?

26:23 There’s a giant learning curve between the NCAA and the NFL

27:38 NHL Playoffs - are the Columbus Blue Jackets for real?

29:27 We’re missing a lot of major market teams in the NHL playoffs this year

30:15 NBA Playoffs - Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics

31:47 Kevin Durant and his 50 point game

32:57 LA Clippers in the future - it looks pretty bright!

33:36 Can the Rockets take out the Warriors?

35:18 Can the East take the NBA championship this year?

35:31 The Kawhi Leonard effect

37:14 Are the Sixers folding? And/or what’s up with their identity?

38:30 It feels like the Celtics are just now finding their identity as a team

40:01 Kyrie just needs to not do something stupid

41:18 MLB and the Cubbies are floating at .500

42:48 Pepe’s Picks! (A brand new segment to help out your sports betting)

43:04 NFL Picks week 1 - Bears vs Packers opening night

45:18 Atlanta at Minnesota

46:40 Washington at Philadelphia

48:00 Buffalo at the Jets

49:21 Baltimore at Miami

51:09 Kansas City at Jacksonville

53:42 Tennessee at Cleveland

54:41 LA Rams at Carolina

56:48 Cincinnati at Seattle

59:15 Colts at Chargers

01:00:30 San Francisco at Tampa Bay

01:02:16 Detroit at Arizona

01:03:43 NY Giants at Cowboys

01:05:04 Pittsburgh at New England - Justin says he’ll take the Steelers??

01:07:10 Houston at New Orleans

01:09:29 Denver at Oakland - Flacco vs Gruden

01:14:07 Raiders moving to Vegas

01:14:26 Will the MLB move to Vegas?

01:15:58 Lightning Round! What starter jacket would you rock in the 90s / now?

01:19:20 Best baseball movie all time?

01:21:00 Worst sports team theme song?

01:23:14 Favorite coach of all time?

01:24:49 Who’s the worst coach of all time?