Let's Talk Smack Sports Podcast

LTSSP 008 - NBA Draft, NBA Playoffs, Marijuana And Sports Medicine

May 16, 2019 Tom Nolle & Justin Gagnon Season 1 Episode 8
Let's Talk Smack Sports Podcast
LTSSP 008 - NBA Draft, NBA Playoffs, Marijuana And Sports Medicine
Show Notes

Justin and Tommy discuss the NBA playoffs including the Bucks and Raptors, Warriors and Blazers, the NHL playoffs (Bruins, 'Canes, Sharks, Blues), the NBA Draft (Zion + Pelicans), Xavien Howard the highest paid CB, hope for women's hockey, the Champions League, and marijuana as a medicinal treatment for athletes. All this, plus some awesome lightning round questions submitted by Brian and Ash!

00:01:54 Shwaggerz Says Sorry

00:02:40 Ending to 76ers / Raptors / Kawhi Leonard shot heard ‘round the world!

00:03:50 Game 1 Bucks vs Raptors - does Kawhi still have the magic?

00:04:24 Brooke Lopez

00:04:51 The Bucks are just taller - would the Warriors have a problem guarding them?

00:05:57 The Western Conference Finals are kind of a letdown

00:07:00 Owner of Golden State doesn’t seem to care that Kevin Durant might be leaving

00:08:00 How do the Celtics get Kevin Durant?

00:09:06 Pelicans have the #1 pick and will probably draft Zion - but how does that even work?

00:10:00 Anyone who goes to the Lakers right now is going to struggle - but will they trade everything to get Zion?

00:12:02 There’s a good anti-tanking strategy by the NBA now

00:14:02 NHL Playoffs - the Bruins, one game away from sweeping the ‘Canes - How old are these guys?

00:15:39 San Jose advancing past the Avalanche was very questionable

00:16:34 Sharks may be going to the Finals - but do the Blues even have any business being this far into the playoffs?

00:17:57 Do the Bruins have an edge because of playoff experience?

00:19:25 Xavien Howard (25 year old) on the Miami Dolphins is now the highest paid CB in the NFL

00:21:43 Is CB that high value of a position?

00:23:33 The Dolphins need to fix their offense first

00:23:57 Josh Rosen and the Cardinals - such an odd miscommunication

00:25:34 Yankees have wayyyy too many people on the IR right now - but they’re still winning (!)

00:26:51 The Cubs have been on a winning streak

00:27:47 Christian Yelich and his home run total (16 already) + the Juicin’ era of baseball

00:29:54 Jose Canseco’s steroid reveal / baseball players are better now

00:31:00 Why is the NFL policy so anti-weed for injured players?

00:31:42 The NHL has one of the best marijuana policies for their players

00:33:16 The effects of alcohol vs the effects of marijuana

00:35:23 All the old wrestlers were drunk in every match, in a way they were self-medicating

00:37:23 Should marijuana be legalized across all sports for injuries? + effects of heavy drinking and Ricky Williams

00:39:57 The NHL might be the most progressive league

00:40:20 Champions League final in soccer - Liverpool beat Barcelona!!!! All English final

00:41:36 Could aggregate scoring be used in the NFL for the playoffs?

00:44:56 So many other playoffs (MLB, NHL, NBA) have multiple games per series - why not the NFL?

00:46:33 Helmets in football - why doesn’t Tom Brady want to update his helmet?

00:49:45 The search for a TE on the Patriots post-Gronk - does Gronk come back out of retirement?

00:51:43 LB Jamie Collins is probably going back to the Patriots

00:53:21 Women’s Hockey League - they need more pay and they are severely under-funded - there is a genuine crisis for professional athletes

00:56:03 Watching the NHL in the ‘80s, it used to be really hard to see the puck on TV

00:57:41 It’s shocking that the Canada Women’s Hockey League folded

00:59:32 The Lingerie League is depressing as hell

01:00:16 Lightning round - favorite Avenger and how would they play in the NFL?

01:01:53 Lightning round - what’s the worst sports movie?

01:03:56 Lightning round - Thoughts on current MNF announcers

01:07:16 Lightning round - Best TD celebration?

01:09:24 Lightning round - Most clutch NBA player of all time?